The Catholic University of America

Trial Practice

Simulation Courses 

Credits -3
fall or spring semesters
prerequisites: Evidence Bacon, Balter/Frey-Balter, Gierke/Gilligan, Ryan

Trial practice is a semester-long class that covers all aspects of litigation from jury selection, opening statements and examination of witnesses, to introduction of evidence and closing statements.

Currently all sections graded on a pass/fail basis.

Students earn three credits and participate in exercises on every element of a trial. Many think the class is a good way to get over the fear of speaking in the courtroom and to a judge.

A Trial Practice/Skills course is a necessary part of a law school education. "An attorney must have some exposure to what goes on in the courtroom, even if you are sure you're never going to go to court," says Peter Rosenberg ('95). Most sections of Trial Practice are offered in the evening and one is scheduled Saturday morning. All sections of Trial Practice should conclude with a full simulated trial, but students should check with individual instructors before enrolling to determine whether the specific section in which they are interested concludes with a trial.