The Catholic University of America

Legal Drafting Seminar

Simulation Courses 

Credits -3 hrs -WC
fall or spring semesters

This course offers students an introduction to legal drafting, with an emphasis on such essential skills as writing with clarity and precision, conforming with statutes and ordinances, using form books appropriately, achieving the goals of clients, identifying and eliminating ambiguity, editing and proofreading a written product, and simplifying complex thoughts and ideas. The first half of this course provides students with a thorough introduction to the principles of general drafting through the use of written exercises, peer critique, and in-class workshops.

Through the course of the semester, students draft a minimum of three major legal documents in addition to rewrites and shorter written exercises. Successful completion of this course satisfies one of the two upper-level legal writing requirements. Enrollment is limited to sixteen students per section.