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Criminal Prosecution Clinic

Fall Semester -Prince George’s County Only

  The Criminal Prosecution Clinic is a four-credit, one-semester course that provides eligible students with a rigorous and intensive exposure to criminal prosecution practice through a combination of actual trial practice and classroom work. In the fall, students are assigned to work in the State's Attorneys Office of Prince George's County, Maryland, where they prosecute criminal cases in the circuit and district courts.

   After a short orientation, students are given a docket of cases for which they are responsible. Under the supervision of an assistant state's attorney, the students engage in plea bargain negotiations and try criminal prosecutions to the court or, in some cases, to a jury. In addition, students have many opportunities to evaluate different styles of lawyering by watching criminal trial lawyers in action. To supplement and refine their practice experience, students attend a weekly class in which they discuss their pending cases and what they have encountered in court. Students must be eligible for certification under the Maryland Student Practice Rule.  Strong preference in enrollment is given to students who already have completed courses in criminal procedure and evidence.

  Please note that the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s office is in Upper Marlboro, MD and students will need to be able to travel to the (non-metro accessible) location at least two days per week.  

 Registration Information

   Students who want to enroll should fill out the pre-registration form, which is on the law school website or can be picked up from Janaye Guinn in the Office of Student Affairs-Rm. 343. The pre-registration form should be submitted to Janaye Guinn, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Experiential Curriculum no later than April 7, 2015 at 5pm.


Preference in allocation of spots will be given as follows:


Students who applied before and were not admitted to the clinic.


Students who have not yet had a clinical experience.


Other third year students.


By the date & time of submission of their pre-registration form.

** Across all categories, students who have completed criminal procedure and evidence will be given preference over students who have not completed both courses.

***When handing in your pre-registration form it will be date & time stamped, admission will be in order of the date of submission of completed forms, be sure to turn them in as soon as possible.

Questions? Email Professor Martin at of Janaye Guinn at