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Please contact Professor Lisa Martin, Director of Experiential Curriculum at, if you have questions about the externship program at CUA LAW.


Prospective placement supervisors can seek CUA Law students as externs by posting a position on Symplicity at  You may also send notice by email to Also, employers can network with interested students by attending our fall or spring Externship Fairs. Find out more details about this semesters Externship Fair and RSVP here.

More than 50 representatives from government agencies and other organizations set up information tables in the atrium for the Clinics and Externships Fair. The fair provides an informal opportunity for law students to learn about a wide range of governmental and non-profit organizations for placement in externships and summer jobs. To view articles about past fairs, click here.


The Columbus School of Law offers one of the best legal externship programs in the United States! Our externship faculty have hosted national conferences on externship teaching and have authored the only available textbook for use in law school externship seminars. The text is called Learning from Practice: A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs. The second edition of the book was published in the fall of 2007.

       Through the CUA Legal Externship Program, each year over 200 students earn course credits by working at non-profit organizations, government agencies, in congressional offices, for judges, law firms, trade associations and corporations. Student externs have the opportunity to assist with representation of clients, with legislative and other policy development, and with a wide range of other lawyering activities. Students gain valuable exposure to lawyers and legal institutions. Many students use externships to explore possible career paths and to clarify their professional goals. Many students develop relationships with mentors and colleagues that continue long past the end of the externship. Through the externship program's seminars and tutorials, students have the opportunity to examine legal and professional issues that arise in their fieldwork and to learn about the field experience of other students at other placements.

Externships Essentials for Law Students

Before the semester begins:

1--          Tentatively find a fieldwork placement and complete the on-line Placement Approval Form 

2--          Once approved, finalize your placement and have the Supervisor and Extern Agreement form signed and email it back to

3--          Enroll in a Becoming a Lawyer (BAL) course (if this is your first for-credit externship) and

2--          Enroll in Legal Externships (for 2 or 3 credits) (this is the fieldwork component of BAL) ***If you are a second or third time externship taker just enroll in the Legal Externship Course and you will be contacted by a faculty supervised fieldwork instructor.

At the beginning of the semester:

1-       Add "Legal Externships for Credit" to your list of courses on TWEN 

Throughout the semester:

1--         Complete the course requirements assigned by your instructor and

2--         Submit bi-weekly time records on the TWEN site 

At the end of the semester:

1--        Ensure that your fieldwork supervisor has submitted a final, written evaluation of your placement experience to the Coordinator of Clinical Programs by the end of the examination period

2--          Complete the online placement evaluation form

For more information visit the Externships FAQ page.