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A pioneer in clinical education with programs dating back over 40 years, CUA's well-established clinical programs draw on a rich history, while preparing students for law practice in the 21st Century. The clinical curriculum offers various programs that provide a variety of clinical experiences suited to students' personal learning objectives. 


Through participation in a clinic, students learn practical trial techniques, refine research and writing skills, and develop other important lawyering skills, such as counseling, interviewing, negotiating, and mediating. Students also have opportunities to wrestle with the ethical issues that confront lawyers and to examine such critical issues as racism, sexism, and class bias in the context of the legal system as well as power imbalances and negotiator styles in alternative dispute resolution.

In addition to the "live client" programs, the law school offers excellent simulation courses in appellate advocacy, educational law practice, interviewing, counseling and negotiation skills, mediation and arbitration skills, trial advocacy, trial practice and trial skills.














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