The Catholic University of America

Mediation and Arbitration Skills

Simulation Courses 

Credits 3
fall or spring semester

The focus of this course is on the theory, skills, and attitudes involved in the conduct of mediation and arbitration. In addition, some attention is given to the role of counsel in mediation and arbitration.

"With court ordered mediation on the rise, law students who see themselves in a litigation practice must enroll in this class," said Annie Fulton (CUA '95) who took the class to prepare herself for practice in a medical malpractice defense firm. Skills are learned through active participation in simulated exercises, which are videotaped, reviewed, and critiqued by other students and the faculty member. Readings and discussion of the theoretical bases for mediation and arbitration and the ethical issues inherent in these practices also foml a part of the course.


Enrollment limited to 16.