The Catholic University of America

Trial Advocacy

Simulation Courses 

Credits 7 full year
prerequisites: Evidence
Barracato, Burnett

Trial advocacy is a year-long course limited to 16 students who earn 7 credits. The course deals with all phases of pre-trial and trial work. The first semester features weekly lectures and highlights problems in litigation and evidence while during the second semester, students are preparing for a trial, which culminates the class.

"Taking Trial Advocacy with Professor Barracato not only prepares you to think like a lawyer--the experience prepares you to act like a lawyer, too. Subjects like evidence, civil and criminal procedure, criminal law, torts, and contracts jump off the textbook page in Trial Ad to become living, breathing clients and witnesses, each with unexpected, but real life, dimensions. Trial Ad is an intensive year of solving realistic legal problems, and trying a case against live, highly motivated opponents. I had an unsurpassed experience preparing to interview, depose, and examine witnesses, analyzing evidentiary issues, drafting and arguing motions, building my case, and preparing for trial. Trial Ad gave me the confidence and experience to get up on and think on my feet in court, which is an ability that most law school courses don't address. It also prepared me very well for the evidence and procedure portions of the bar exam. If you want to litigate as a career, or if you just want to feel comfortable and competent in a courtroom, don't pass up Trial Ad." Brad Kieserman ('00).